Things About Lake Chapala

Companies and Teamwork

Hey guys we wanted to come back and rewind what type of company we are which is a shoe company. We want people to really understand what type of site brand we are, it is not that hard to figure out who we are, and what we represent. We are a company who is supported by all sorts of other companies one of them being a garage door and gate repair company that is named Ameran. They have been supporting our company since the very beginning and we feel very sick not mentioning them earlier, but better late than never, so we are happy that we finally got a significant amount of time to talk to you guys about this company.

Ameran has really been a blessing to us as a site that started of fairly small and now has grown to become somewhat of a force of a sight we think we have made the right moves in regards to choosing who we want to associate our time with. We understand that this company could have picked anyone to partner with yet they chose our company which is very crazy. We still can’t believe where we are now as an online presence and where we were 6 months ago, man life is good and you can believe that Ameran got all the Nikes that they needed for a year. We are glad that even when times started to get tough we stuck to our guns and kept It pushing knowing that something amazing was waiting for us on the other side of the tunnel and luckily we kept head strong.

A Good Company

We know that we have a-lot more to improve and that we are far from perfect, we do know that we are definitely doing things that you would’ve never imagined that we would of thought we would even be doing. We love the position where we are at and will hustle every single day that way we can remain at the top. We want to first and foremost thank you guys for being there with us every step of the way. We really do appreciate your presence because without your presence we wouldn’t even exist and without that existence we would have never landed this deal with Ameran, so basically the people who stay connected with our content are the most important part of the puzzle because they shift how our site does. With all of this being said now where do we go from this? We think the only thing left to do is go up? Don’t you think? We know that our site can be a-lot bigger than it is and that the content that you guys have been rocking with can reach a-lot more eyeballs and then everybody can really appreciate shoes as a huge group. The possibilities are endless and we are aware of the potential. The sky is the limit and we have already broken all the goals we had for ourselves now we have new quotas to replace the old ones and we are happy to be on this journey with you all.


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