How Vista Helped Me Find My Dentist.

I found my best dentist while using my Vista computer. My tooth ached, my face hurt, and I needed a surgeon immediately. I could not constantly take the pain as I tried to tough it out night after night after night after night, including the day. The worst nights were the ones where we had to a very delicious meal and I could not even get my favorite dish (seasoned chicken) because the spices and sauces would irritate my exposed and deteriorated tooth. I literally tell you, it was tough and dismal. I was able to handle it but after a week, I had to give in.

That $2,000 operation was looking better to me every single day because I could not stand to live the rest of my struggling like this. One week was terrible. I could do this for a lifetime and turn into a bland eater but that is not what I intended to do. Who wants to deprive themselves of seasoned chicken? The fresh scent, the mac n cheese addon, the green peas addon, the barbeque chicken addon, were definitely not worth passing up forever just so I could save a measly 2 grand. The lifetime  benefits of getting the operation far exceeded the costs so I had to search for a great dentist, or should I say, dental surgeon to help me with the operation? I had to do it. The pain was unbearable and the lifetime costs were too great. So, I went into my Google search and decided to look for dentists all claiming that they were the best, as expected. I decided to look for dentists via, and on the first page of the search I saw a site called It struck me how a dentist would name their site that but it struck me because it was different. Delving further, I used meta-code and windows vista tricks to see the site without clicking it (because I am cheap and did not want to give the site owners a Webpage View hehe). Their site seemed different not only because they bragged and bolstered about how fine their dentists were but because of the quality of their site and the services that provided in expert detail. They could work with teeth whitening services (which I needed because of my tooth infection), could work with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), which I had as well, and could perform root canals, which I had as well. Just imagine how painful it feels to have all three of those conditions as once (well, minus the teeth whitening. I think the other two conditions are a lot more drastic).

I called and could not help but enjoy their customer service and their dedication to their values and goals in life. They truly want to serve the underserved and are really Chantilly’s Finest Dentists. The site was definitely bolstered up and looked nice but my Windows Vista computer showed me what it meant, what it was, and how important it was to do screen checks of sites. If you still do not know why it is important to screen check, I will tell you. I screen checked other sites in the past and noticed how flawed and sketchy they were in their dealings. They had doorway pages, SEO spam, and other nitty nuisances that made their site unfairly high. However, with Chantilly’s Finest Dentists, it was not overly optimized, allowing for a richer experience for both parties. I got my operation done quickly and efficiently and they got $2,000. Now time to each some seasoned chicken (yum).

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